I agree that mindfulness should ultimately be developed into theory mainly because of the immense interaction that it plays with the human brain. As portrayed by Dr Siegel, mindfulness can be classified using the three R’s namely: reflection, relationships and resilience. It is important to however start nurturing this principle to an individual at an early stage of their lives to reap significant benefits from the same.

It is true that resilience is a focal point within the air force as our commander mainly focuses on mental, spiritual and physical resilience. These three can be linked to mindfulness which forms another reason as to why I believe it should be developed into theory. Resilience mainly focuses on the brain and how it is effectively able to adapt well in the face of challenging times.

I particularly enjoyed his focus on relationships especially since technology has really taken dominance of our lives endangering the solidity of relationships we have today. I agree with his point that the number one contributor to happiness and wisdom is fostering of positive relationships. That the more we give to others the happier we also become showing that happiness can also be achieved when material things are not the subject. Happiness has always been linked with reduced stress and improved health showing that mindfulness has some health benefits if properly nurtured.

Parents should guide their children especially with the reflection phase enabling them to learn how to observe and interpret different things in life. In this way, children will grow up with significant knowledge and will also know the importance of having positive relationships from a young age.

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