When unhappiness enters your relationship, and nothing seems to work out for you too anymore, you should know that it is time to press the painful, yet efficient red button called breakup. It can be a harsh decision and it might imply lots and lots of nights when overthinking and bad thoughts will accompany you, but sometimes, this is the only solution you have unless you want the situation to get worse and to be forced later to press the button just because you can’t take it anymore. Each thing has to be done at the right time and this is why we provide you the reasons for which a breakup- what seems sometimes to be the end of the world- can be, in fact, a good thing for both you and your partner.

  1. A Relationship Is NOT a Battlefield

When your relationship starts to be dominated by fights, sharp accusations that function as strong weapons and hurt you both, you should know that it is time to stop right there and decide together what the best solution would be for both of you. Sometimes, people are so different that they cannot simply be managed and solved, and this is why both partners sitting at a table and talking calmly about your future together or apart is one of the best things you should do, as your happiness and his/hers are things that matter the most.

If after long talks and fights you still haven’t managed to find a solution that can keep you together, the breakup is the only choice left: a painful decision that will leave you both lost for some time, but that will give you the strength to continue with your goals, dreams, and desires. In time, the situation could have altered even more, leaving you both even more hurt, with awful memories that will foreshadow the good ones.

  1. Postponing the Decision Will Not Make Things Better

You might still believe that things can work properly even after a huge period in which nothing seems to go well. Once a relationship starts to gather wounds, it is very difficult to heal it and usually, it requires both partners and a lot of motivation and work. If things do not seem to go in this direction, postponing the separation will only be more and more hurtful and in the end, you will be forced to get out of this because you do not have another choice left.

Two consenting adults making the right decision that will still leave them on good terms and with good memories is the best way to end an unhealthy relationship.

  1. Friends Instead of Enemies

We all know you can’t be friends with your ex, but sometimes, fights and tensioned situations only bring the worst out of you and the person next to you. You will only reach that point in which you will not recognize yourself and the other- the most painful and unpleasant situation you could experience. You’ll gather so much disappointment, that you will only want to run away from everything- an unhealthy way of ending what used to be once a beautiful period of your life.

When things do not seem to have a silver lining, a breakup can be a solution. You and your partner should definitely avoid becoming enemies, fighting over everything and reach that point when your relationship is a prison for both of you. With patience, common sense and care about yourself and your partner, an inevitable breakup doesn’t have to be a desperate decision that will leave you only with sorrows and regrets.

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